How I Quit My Job and Became a Freelance Writer

The trend this week in blogs I’ve been reading seems to be “How to Sell Your Books” through social media. I’ve decided to take the blogs’ advice as well as pepper in a bit of my own while also shamelessly plugging my self-published book about writing, “How I Quit My Job and Became a Freelance Writer.”

I think this subject is worthy of a post because so many writers out there, though the figures are changing more drastically every day, are relying on getting picked up by publishers. Yes, I still buy a lot of physical books, but e-books are gaining in popularity and are arguably much more accessible and convenient than physical books. For example, in an article from the Huffington Post in 2012, over 21% of Americans had read an e-book and they read an average of eight more books per year than those who didn’t. 

What am I getting at?

Anybody can be a writer!I’m not saying that every person necessarily has the skill and perseverance to write quality content, or that even skilled writers will be successful writers.There are many more ingredients that go into the concoction that determines the success of a writer. But I’m saying that anyone could technically become an author and even sell a few copies of their book.

Take me for instance.

Before I quit my job and began freelance writing, I was a Team Leader in a production facility that made millions of frozen meals a year. I never thought I could be a writer. I worked in a factory, I was good at it, and I was on the fast track to earning lots (lots) of money. I was not happy working there and, after some reflection, decided I didn’t think I could be happy in the line of work altogether. But I was good at it, it’s who I was. I didn’t think you could just up and change who you were. 

About a year before I quit my job I began writing for fun. I’d never written anything seriously before, it wasn’t something I ever thought I could do. But it was fun. It was challenging. It gave me a kind of release that was foreign to me. But I was just messing around, it’s something I did in my spare time. I wasn’t a real writer (now I think…what is a real writer?) and I knew that you couldn’t just become a writer overnight…but, I did. 


I’d decided to quit my job and was looking for something part-time to pay the bills until I figured out a long term plan. I discovered a freelance writing website that promised lots of jobs, reasonable rates, and plenty of opportunity to grow. Within a day I had my first gig. 

Now, I may not have been making near the amount I could have been making at my old job, but I was paying the mortgage and student loans (which was not too shabby in my book). The important thing to note here is that I was a hobby writer with no professional experience or training and I was getting paid to write. Blogs, books, articles…oh my. 

I learned about self-publishing through clients who had me involved in pieces of the entire process and I decided to try my hand at writing my own book about my journey. “How I Quit My Job and Became a Writer” has the important lessons, tips, resources, and struggles I experienced in the journey between being a Team Leader who was a hobby writer and getting paid every day to write. This is for those who are like me. A writer who doesn’t feel like a writer. This book is meant to break down the barrier between the writing profession and everyone else. 

And it’s only $0.99, so don’t be a cheapskate. 

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