Momming Monday: Potty Training…The Prequel

“You’ll know when he’s ready.”

“Mine just started going in the potty one day and never wore a diaper since.”

“I just told my daughter that she could have her princess panties when she started using the potty and she was potty trained overnight!”

Nope. Not me. Probably not anyone, actually.

My husband and I started thinking about potty training when our son was about 21 months old but he gave absolutely NO sign he was interested in sitting on or putting anything in the potty.

Yes, this is early. No, it might not work for everyone. But we wanted to try. Also, I’m sick of changing two sets of diapers every day now that we’re a family of four.

One book kept popping up, though, that encouraged us to try so early. “Oh crap! Potty Training” was touted by moms on all sorts of different boards and threads as being the key to their success, so we decided to try it.

We were immediately disheartened. The author said our son should be exhibiting signs of readiness before starting (especially since we were on the young end of the suggested window of opportunity). He should be hiding in a corner or showing some signs that he was going to poop. He should be able to manipulate his clothing himself. He should be able to say his ABCs. WHAT?!

Not only can my son not say his ABCs, but he isn’t doing any of those readiness prerequisites. But he’s smart. I didn’t let the list stop us.

The author insists parents give themselves a few weeks to ready themselves and clear a few days to spend at home 100% naked. So we began plotting and preparing for Naked Weekend the way some people prepare for Armageddon.

We identified the poop corner where the throne was to be placed; we assembled activities only to be used on the potty to encourage our son to stay seated; we even made a game plan of who was to be watching him first (the book also insisted on eyes being on him at ALL times).

So with the potty training book at hand for reference, no signs of readiness, and a bag full of poop toys, we started Block One…

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