Momming Monday: Potty Training – Block One

“Naked and Afraid” is also an appropriate title for this blog post. Because he was naked, and I was afraid. We woke up all excited on a Saturday morning. We took off the PJs and the soaked overnight diaper and we…waited.

In “Oh Crap…Potty Training” Block One is all about changing the mindset for the child from being totally clueless he’s peeing, to noticing that pee is coming out of his body, to understanding the sensation that he has to pee.

The theory is, if the kid is naked, it will be easier for you to get him to the potty when the pee inevitably comes, and he’ll probably connect the dots a little quicker. So with Kai butt naked and my eyes straining from watching him so closely for any sign he was about to pee, we played and waited.

It seemed like two hours passed and I still hadn’t gotten a drop – maybe he was already practicing how to hold it! As soon as I thought the woefully hopeful thought I heard liquid rapping on my carpet and noticed my son staring down at his own stream of piss.

But I wasn’t mad. I was told to expect this. I was excited, even!

“You’re peeing! Let’s go to the potty.” *carrying my son by the armpits as we trail pee across the room, trying to sounds excited and not at all upset* “Pee goes in the potty. Here you go, now pee in the potty.” A few drops DID make it into the potty that first time.

The second and third times I decided to get ahead of it and prompt him – we had play doh, animal action figures, books, games, anything a small child would want in payment for sitting his ass on the potty.

I can’t even tell you how thrilled I was when we sat him down for a few minutes and he had a whole pee in the potty. I was thinking to myself after the first day that I couldn’t believe we were one of the lucky parents whose kid took a day to potty train. He was only 22 months and he had peeing down (he even pooped in the potty)!

And then Day 2 happened…

The author warned us about it, but I chose not to believe it. Day 2 was hell. It seemed like everything he learned the previous day went out the window and somehow he was even worse at it than before starting the whole shebang.

But we carried on because we were committed to the process and the book said to never ever ever ever EVER put him back in diapers because you’ve given up. It’s a whole thing I guess. And that’s how you end up with four year-olds who aren’t potty trained.

She was right, Days 2, 3, and 4 came and went and we were consistently getting pees and poops in the potty.

Now it was time for clothes in Block 2.

Current mood – EXCITED! Excited that my soon will no longer be rubbing his naked ass all over the couch.

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