Momming Monday: Potty Training Block 2

After three days of watching my son like a hawk for the first squirmy dance, touching himself, or just stopping like a deer in headlights all of a sudden, we are finally getting the majority of all pees and poops in the potty. Of course, he’s been naked the whole three days so it has been easy to catch. But now comes Block 2.

Block 2 does not mean your child never has accidents. You will have accidents, lots of them. The idea is that the child can go to the potty with or without a prompt. For the first three days our son never prompted himself, he had to be sat on the potty and told to go pee. Block 2 means to add clothes back to the mix so that your kid isn’t just potty trained while naked.

**Side note, I’m writing this from the future and am actually about 2 months into potty training and I just want to say how glorious those naked days were. No fighting to put underwear on, no trying to yank pants down as you see your son’s crotch darkening. No shit to scrub out of pants. Thems were the days… **sigh**

So we stick Kai into some shorts and a shirt, he still doesn’t have the dexterity required to remove his own clothes in a timely fashion (like 5.2 seconds from the time he realizes he needs to pee to the time he says “fuck it, I’m gonna pee”) and we watch for those cues that have become familiar. Crotch grabbing, dancing, blank stare.

About an hour into the process I get nervous so I prompt him to go, and he does so with aplomb. The same thing happens throughout the rest of the morning until I decide to take him for his first outing (the back yard) in three days. Within minutes I notice him pushing around his little lawn mower with a drenched leg, not a care in the world. It was at this moment I realized he wasn’t going to be one of those kids who fussed when he pissed or shit himself, he was going to keep on trucking as if nothing was the matter (a character trait admirable outside of potty training).

One change of slothes down.

Sit on the potty, “Kai, pee goes in the potty, not in your pants.”

More lawn mower. Add bubbles this time.

Another accident, just the crotch is wet though so I rip his pants off and set him onto the potty I brought into the back yard. I must have scared him though because he clenched up and nothing was getting through those gates.

…Until five minutes later.

After three wet outfits I decided to go sans pants for another day so we could reset. Block two was off and on like this for a couple days before Kai really got the hang of having pants on. I also realized how reliant he still is on my prompts so I make sure to give them to him.

In just a day or two we began Block 3: Getting out of the house AKA the most stressful 30 minutes of my life.

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